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Oscar - Head Mentor


‍- Masters in teaching (MA)
– Economics Bachelor (BA)


– Professional Day Trader
– Over 2,000 hours trading
– For over 3 years


– I love trading
– I love helping people
– Getting people results is such a joy 


My Fitness Mentoring Staff

These are the competent staff that help keep my fitness mentoring running smoothly.


Oscar Swain Head Coach


Minela Blake

The benefits of a day trading

Day trading can be a challenging and risky career path, but a successful day trading career can offer several benefits, including:

Potential for High Income: Successful day traders can potentially earn a high income, as they are able to take advantage of short-term price movements in the markets to make profitable trades. If a day trader has a solid strategy and is disciplined in their approach, they may be able to generate significant profits over time.

Flexibility: Day trading can be done from almost anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. This can provide day traders with a great deal of flexibility and the ability to work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere else they choose.

Control: Day trading allows traders to have more control over their trading decisions than other forms of investing, such as mutual funds or ETFs. Day traders are able to make their own decisions regarding which stocks to buy and sell, as well as when to enter and exit trades. 

Continuous Learning: Successful day traders are constantly learning and adapting to changes in the market. This can be intellectually stimulating and rewarding for those who enjoy constantly improving their skills.

Independence: Day traders are self-employed, which can be appealing to those who prefer working independently and setting their own schedules.

Low Barrier to Entry: Compared to other professions, day trading has a relatively low barrier to entry. All that is required is a computer and an internet connection, and there are no educational or certification requirements to become a day trader.

It’s important to note that day trading can also be very risky and is not a suitable career path for everyone. It requires a significant amount of time, effort, and dedication to be successful, and there is always the risk of losing money. Before pursuing a career in day trading, it’s important to do your research, learn as much as you can about the markets and the strategies used by successful traders, and consider working with a mentor or coach to help you develop your skills. That is where we come in. 

1% of profits go to charity

A central value at my fitness mentoring is helping people to not only turn around their physical and mental lives through the vehicle of sport and nutrition, but help people who are most in need.

We volunteer our time at our local Vipassana meditation centers (for example Dhamma Sumeru in Switzerland) to help support people with their journey to peace and fulfilment.
More information can be found at www.sumeru.dhamma.org

Furthermore, in the very near future, 1% of all my trading mentoring profits will go to Homelessness Worldwide, a company designed to help get vital aid to those who are homeless and in most cases also suffer from acute mental health issues.
More information can be found at www.homelessworldwide.org.uk 

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